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Ride The Wave


Ride the wave and become a part of Naval Architect

Join us on our mission to transform the shipbuilding industry and start your career at Naval Architect. Build the next-generation cloud design platform for the era of connected ship design and engineering:
Ship Information Modeling (SIM).

We care about …


We align ourselves with our mission by taking responsibility and placing value in the quality of our work.


Respect and honesty build the foundation for a successful and pleasant work environment.


Mutual trust and a shared vision help us to be able to always count on each other. 


We love what we do. And we constantly improve because our passion pushes us to want to be even better at it.


Confidence and the willingness to deal with problems or new tasks are key. We are facing challenges of all kinds everyday – we even go out looking for them.

We offer you …

Flexible remote working policy

Team events

Interesting tasks

Great equipment

Free trainings

Our Application Process

Here’s how the application process will go down

1. Initial Screening

We’ll review your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Personal Fit interview

We get together, show you how we work and get to know each other.

3. Professional interview

Here you can dazzle us with your experience, knowledge and your skills.

4. It’s a fit?

Here comes our offer!

Current Job Openings

Thinking about jumpstarting your career? We are hiring!

Unsolicited applications welcome!