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About us

Our mission is to connect stakeholders of shipbuilding projects in order to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

We took on the challenge to create a full-fledged 3D design software in the cloud because our vision is to make collaboration accessible and easy.
Succeeding in our mission and turning our vision into reality will push forward the digitalization in shipbuilding.

At Naval Architect, we love ships and are blue at heart – just like the sea. We believe that teamwork should go hand in hand with efficiency and easy, flawless communication. Therefore, we designed Naval Architect to effectively improve the ship building process and minimize error costs, so that in the future, shipbuilding projects always go according to plan and budget.

Shipbuilding represents a key industry for the globalized economy as around 90% of world trade is handled by ship. At the same time, however, digitalization has yet to take place in shipbuilding. Naval Architect is the very first solution on the market that seeks for a true digitalization of business processes to initiate a comprehensive and sustainable digital transformation of the shipbuilding industry.

It’s our mission to improve the shipbuilding process with an innovative and collaborative approach that guarantees increased efficiency and minimized project risks.

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In naval engineering processes, around 80-90% of the total project costs are defined and set during the early design phase. The actual costs, however, occur in later phases, such as production. Any errors made in the early ship design phase, if only small, are expensive or extremely difficult to be addressed later on and involve a great risk of turning a profitable project into a losing one. It’s self-evident that it’s incredibly important to optimize the early design phase to prevent such mistakes.

Unfortunately, currently used ship building tools and software lack a crucial element to ensure such an optimization: effortless consistency. Instead, decentralized information storage and management makes it hard to guarantee that everyone is provided with the latest and correct information. On top of that, multiple stakeholders, from design to production, from suppliers to contractors, call for a high coordination effort to keep all that information constantly up to date and synchronized.

This is where Naval Architect comes into play: We’d like to wave goodbye to outdated ship design software and instead provide a cloud platform that brings together the various stakeholders of shipbuilding projects to collaborate on a central ship information model. We want to ensure that getting the right information to the right people at the right time is easy, effortless, and precise.

Our next-generation software for ship design aims to minimize the risks for time delay and planning errors in shipbuilding projects. The browser-based web platform allows for its users to collectively work on a digital representation of the ship – always with access to the latest design information, ship properties and characteristics. At Naval Architect, we combine ship design, information and change management in a single shipbuilding software.

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